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detoxing-is-coolI know I still owe you some more information, like how much I spent and whatever else I mentioned in my Tuesday post, BUT, I went paddle boarding with Jenny today and I think this post will suffice.

I’ve had a few people ask what I ate and how I planned meals. Next time I do it I’d like to branch out and incorporate more vegetables (beets, radishes, etc). I’d also like to eat more of it raw, and use more recipes when I cook. Recipes that require mincing ginger and that sort of thing. I went very basic and didn’t research new ideas. Here’s how it typically broke down:

breakfast: smoothie or egg & spinach (eggs after day 10)

smoothie: frozen strawberries or blueberries, 2 carrots, a handful of kale or spinach, a tablespoon of cocoa powder (if it had strawberries), 1 scoop of protein powder (Garden of Life raw protein, whey, Whole Foods, vanilla $20), 1/2 avocado, 1/4 cucumber.  I put water in it during the cleanse, but almond milk after (no nuts allowed).

egg & spinach: scramble some egg, spinach, olive oil, sea salt, +/- 1/2 avocado.

lunch: brown rice/quinoa salad or leftovers

Usually consisted of some or all of the ingredients: rice/quinoa, spinach, kale, 1/2 avocado, tomato, cucumbers, sea salt, olive oil/coconut oil/ balsamic vinaigrette.

dinner: roasted vegetables

Examples: baked sweet potato (I learned that sometimes when we think we’re sick of a certain food, we’re really just sick of the texture. We started chopping these up into little chips and roasting them and it tasted like a whole new food), kale chips, butternut squash, summer squash, spaghetti squash (with garlic!), roasted eggplant, caramelized onions, roasted carrots, roasted broccoli, zucchini, etc.

Snacks: apples, carrots, peaches, clementines, mangos, pineapple.

I tried to only eat two servings of fruit /day. Though, I didn’t feel bad about treating myself.

MVP salad snack: spinach, avocado, mango, sea salt, olive oil.
MVP dinner: roasted carrots and broccoli, sweet potatoes doused in coconut oil.
MVP spice: thyme
MVP time saver: cooking a bunch of rice/quinoa early in the week so salads are all ready to go
Most improved: cucumbers and carrots
Most underrated: water

Do you have any good ways to mix up these foods? I’d like to hear what you’ve been doing. This is the most vanilla way to go, which is fine, but I think stepping up my game would make it a richer experience.

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Detoxicated pt. 2: findings & key players


Time to talk detox again.

If you think I’m dragging this out, think again. This is nothing compared to how much Michael Jordan talked about Nike in the 90’s. If my post from Tuesday didn’t convince you to give it a shot*, maybe this will. Happenings and findings:

1. I felt good after a few days, but fantastic around day 15.

2. I too am capable of calling roasted carrots a “guilty pleasure”.

3. I rediscovered why home-cooked meals at the dinner table (or balcony!) are the centerfold of anti-drug campaigns. It’s fun! And you get to talk to your roommate (or whoever!) about your day. You have to stop working and either eat the delicious meal your friend made, or…plan…and cook a meal for said friend.

4. I (now) mostly understand how much nourishment I need. Planning isn’t that hard. If I’m going out for the day, I know how much to pack and I don’t have to worry about a wave of unsolicited hunger.

5. Budgeting is easier. See #10.

6. Raw vegetables taste better and better the more you give them a chance.

7. I understand my body more. If food is the biggest drug, and you know you’re doing the best you can, it’s easier to identity reasons for an off day.

8. I appreciate the delicacies now that I’m on the dark side again. And I don’t need to overindulge because a little goes a long way. I’m talking to you, booze and ice cream.

9. I feel less entitled to snack every time I have the slightest pang of peckishness. Planning is expected.

10. I $aved a lot of money. No restaurants + no bars = treat yo self to Whole Foods once in a while.

BONUS: I’m less hungry and my skin is significantly clearer.

*wheatgrass shot

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Remember that detox (similar to the elimination diet) I talked about not too long ago? I finished it up on Saturday. It was a wonderful journey. I learned a lot and I’m proud of myself for sticking to it.

Recap of the rules: 21 days. 1-10: fruits, veggies, protein powder, 1 cup of rice or quinoa. 11-21: add meat/fish. Caffeine, sugar, alcohol, corn, nuts and beans are not permissible throughout the cleanse. After the detox is complete, add everything back one by one.

Now that I have the culinary world at my disposal, I have no desire to eat pizza or cookies anytime soon. What am I looking forward to eating now that I have this newfound freedom? Almond milk and hummus. Maybe garbanzo beans if I’m feeling frisky!

I’d rather share this information with you than keep it to myself in risk of sounding like a snobby granola. I feel fantastic, and I want you to as well. Just get through the first few days. It only gets better, and if I can do it, anyone can do it. This is what I ate the weeks prior. My food groups were ice cream, cheese, bagels and vodka tonics. I never thought that when this was over I’d want to stick with it.

I highly recommend.

My friend Lindsey does it every six months, and I hope to do the same (if not earlier). I’ll let you know when I do it next. Maybe if you haven’t already given it a try, we can all do it together. Eh?


Later this week I’ll talk more about:

-Meals throughout
-Itemized grocery list, and exactly how much every meal cost (never more than $9/day)
-On the go
-MVP foods
-helpful tricks
-Whole Foods vs. H-E-B
-What I learned about my body & how I learned to respect food

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Try these five / via Tara Parker-Pope

Disclaimer: I have a long way to go with this stuff, but I’m always learning and I assume some of you are too.

I took a really great honors class in college on food sustainability. I wish I could redo it now because I know I would take it more seriously. I remembered there was a short article in the textbook, Menu for the Future, that suggested the top five foods to keep organic. I finally flipped through and revisited that page.

This is a just a Summary of “Five Easy Ways to go Organic”, by Tara Parker-Pope

1. Milk. Conventional stuff is full of antibiotics, pesticides and artificial hormones. Don’t get me started. There’s a nice short and sweet article on Relevant that will make you want to ditch beef and dairy if you haven’t already. Or reevaluate the industry. Or just start with organic. Or just talk about it but still be grossed out nonetheless.

2. Potatoes. One survey said 30% of our vegetable consumption is in some form of potato. Even when washed and cooked, they’re still among the highest in pesticides.

3. Peanut butter. 99% of peanut farmers use pesticides. PB is a staple in many people’s diet, so why not spend the extra buck and do it right. Bonus: the stuff you grind in the health section is so much better anyway. Especially if it’s almond butter.

4. Ketchup. About 75% of tomato consumption is processed. Organic ketchup has twice as many antioxidants as non-organic.

5. Apples. One of the most consumed and one of the most contaminated. Luckily, fancy apples are cheap and tasty.

*Image by Chris Silas Neal


Virtual Twin Peaks Cookies | to saayeh, love becky

You: what the what?

Becky: remember when I said there would be more Twin Peaks references? Consider yourself lucky. We threw a lovely surprise party for Saayeh on Sunday night. Ever since Saayeh got me gaga for Twin Peaks, I haven’t been the same. I found out that Allison and Dylan watch it. And Hope. And Chad. And Julie. And Jorby (and everyone else with eyes and ears between 1990-now). Those are not fake people. They are my real friends who like the same things I do…because that’s what friends are for: talking about TV shows at dinner even if nobody else has seen them.

Back to Sunday night. I had been planning on decorating some sugar cookies with rad TP icons. THEN, my $1.79 tube of black frosting TOTALLY SUCKED. With limited time and resources, I was unable to achieve my vision of  serving 90’s trivia on a platter. Instead, I went with a Japanese minimalism sortathing. If you can imagine how the above cookies looked sans the virtual decor, you will see what I’m talking about.

Alas! A little late…nearly one week after your celebration…I have kind of delivered as promised. Saayeh, here are pictures of those cookies I was going to make.

*It is to her credit that she found her minimalist dream party detail in my unadorned cookies.

Green and yellow trifecta

Avocado is the pit. Mango loves Garth Brooks. Spinach smokes a pipe, but it’s okay because it’s freaking spinach. He’s a super food.

I made this simple salad the other day when I was fed up with my dopey dressing and had little food in the house. It’s one of my favorite things to eat now when I’m in the oh-I-could-eat-but-I-really-shouldn’t-overindulge kind of mood.

Try it yourself. Maybe you have. Maybe you are going crank it up to five ingredients. If you go six, then you are just showing off (but let me know how it goes). Either way, these guys will take care of you.

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