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Knee-Slappin Friday pt. 4

When I was a young lass, my father told me the greatest joke I have ever heard: What is brown and sticky?

A stick.

Did you just laugh your pants off? I hope so. Happy Friday, friends!
*photo from ssouthern ssmoke…again



Knee-Slappin Friday pt. 3

One of my all time favorites. Brought to you by the infamous Brieyonce.

What disease do you get from kissing birds?
Chirpees…it’s a canarial disease and it’s untweetable.

I just LOLed myself all over again. P.S. look out for a guest post from Briezer in the near future. It involves water, so you know it’s good.

photo from ssouthern ssmoke


Knee-Slappin Friday: 2 for the 2nd anniversary

I have gotten a TON of great feedback from the last knee-slappin Friday [Dad]. Enjoy these jokes hot off the press!

More from Chad…

A vulture was boarding an airplane with an armadillo under each arm. The flight attendant asked, “Would you like to check those armadillos?” The vulture replied, “No. They’re carrion…”

…LOL &…

A sportswriter walked up to the pole vault pit at a track meet where he found a tall blonde kid. The sportswriter asked, “Hey, are you a pole vaulter?” The kid replied, “No, I’m German, but how did you know my name vas Valter?”
image from  Jacopo Rosati

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Knee-slappin Friday: the pilot

As promised, Friday is joke day. I think this is an attainable weekly segment. Don’t like jokes? Then GET OUT OF HERE. Comment below and your joke may get published on the internet. Chad has us covered this week…

A string went into a bar. The bartender said “Hey, we don’t serve strings in here.” [UNDERSTANDABLE] So the string went outside and messed up his hair and tied himself up, then he went back into the bar. This time the bartender asked, “Hey, aren’t you that string I just threw out?” The string replied, “No. I’m a frayed knot.”

photo via awesome people hanging out together

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