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musical monday

It was another book weekend. We’re so close! Book time = extra long Spotify sessions in my tiny apartment. Friends were Instagramming the heck out of that crazy Baylor game. But I, I was jiving with my aloe vera plant to some good tracks on repeat while triple checking caption titles. It was an oldies-hip hop-folky gospel kind of time.

1. Mamas and Papas. MVP: California Dreamin’

2. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. MVP: Wings (better known for the Thrift Shop)

3. The Welcome Wagon (produced by Sufjan Stevens). MVP: But for You Who Fear My Name


South by Paloozarooella: Minneapolis

Still working on the name.

Cheers to our new traveling music segment. Today’s tunes come from the Austin of the Midwest: Minneapolis. Hand-picked by the playlist pundit, X-Files aficionado and sultan of sarcasm, Hannah Varn.

“A Midwest Hip-Hop Collective”, Doomtree, already well loved by the Twin Cities, is beginning to catch the eye of the nation. Be ready for them to be everywhere, and soon.

Minneapolis is all about the live show. Our latest obsession has been Poliça, a band that puts on an incredible performance both on and off their album.

In true collaborative MPLS fashion, the founders of Poliça were also a part of the Twin Cities super-group, Gayngs, which featured, among others, Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon and several members of the aforementioned Doomtree.

Haven’t had enough? A group of kids from a North Minneapolis YMCA, Y.N. Rich Kids, have taken the internet by storm with their annoyingly catchy song, “Hot Cheetos and Takis”.

Thanks, Han! (p.s. why havne’t I been following your Tumblr lately? So much rap & 90’s goodness.)

follow @beckycmurphy for more goodies.

Still kicking it

Again, it would have been really cool standard if I showed off my blog transformation all at once. You know, the way professionals do it. It’s almost there. Whatever you think is fugly or distasteful (ex: using the word “fugly” as a 25-year-old) , just assume that is something that will be better later. It’s like you are seeing Chipper Things go through blog puberty. She was lovely enough, but now she wants to be a woman [gross]. This is just the awkward in-between phase.

“Does she know that foundation doesn’t magically blend into the neck?” “Does she know that just because she’s embarrassed to wear deodorant, the summer isn’t getting any cooler?” (tried my breast to go light on the puberty jokes.)

Enough of that. I hope you’ve been watching the Olympics at least as much as I have (med-low standards). And I hope you have marveled at what the human body is capable of on screen [synchronized diving] while you marvel at what the human body is capable off [cookie log].

…and God was even at SXSW

Parking review: just bike.

Beer review: drinks on them. You want to find yourself at the gatherings where Shiner flows like water. If you are like me, you will almost never finish your beer before it gets warm; excessive consumption is a non-issue. None of this matters though, because South By is now over. Womp womp.

Moving on. I think I’m finally starting to de-compartmentalize God. Instead of thinking in terms of God-place and oh-whatever, it’s starting to become more holistic. Since God is everywhere, He was at SXSW. I knew this when The Kingston Springs played at the end of their set. One of the long-haired gentlemen was banging the drum and I could not help but dance. The kind of dancing where I flail my arms and accidentally hit those around me. I was so full of joy. I think that God probably liked that His creation created something so jolly that dozens of people couldn’t stand still. My eccentric dance habits and their musical outpouring are gifts meant to be enjoyed. I did not give myself these legs for jiving,but I am thankful I have them.

Favorites from SXSW: BenshRubblebucketThe Weeks

Photo of Rubblebucket via here

SXSW butterflies

I was going to write a doodad about each of these bullet points, but I realized that I didn’t have time to be clever enough to make it worth your while. I’m leaving for SXSW tonight. I went last year, so I guess you could say I’m an old pro. You would be wrong, but you could say it. The traffic is terrible and the parking is even more mad but the spirit of the city mends all frustrations. I hope the parties let me in and my shoes don’t fail at working. I also hope that I don’t get hungry at the wrong times. You know, the times when you would pay an arm and a leg to eat a turkey leg. That doesn’t seem like a fair trade, does it? I don’t even like those things.

This is going to be glorious. I can no longer pretend to be kind of cool about my “knowledge” musicry, so please don’t expect a legitimate review of the festival on Monday. What you can expect is a review of the parking. And the free turkey legs beer.

People of Austin / South By know-it-alls / any breathing person: twitter me @beckycmurphy for any exciting happenings. Cool and thanks.

Support BEATENTRACK Studios

Local band, Georgette, recording inside the studio.

BEATENTRACK is Austin’s first mobile recording studio. It will significantly reduce the cost of producing an album for local artists. Griffin and Matt have already invested a lot before even starting their Kickstarter campaign. They still need $25,000 for equipment (computer, truck, recording software, etc.)

Not only do I support these guys because they are my friends, but I really believe in this innovative process. I feel compelled to give something back to the music world that has been so generous to me despite my greed. It is imperative to support our artistic community. If I don’t know how to creatively contribute, I want to empower those who do. Click here to support BEATENTRACK on Kickstarter. We will all reap the benefits.

You can read more about it on Griffin’s interview with Owl Mag.

I’ve got this thing and it’s golden. (Christmas music, of course.)

It’s that time of year again (and has been). Go ahead and listen to Hey It’s Christmas. It is a beautiful array of lesser-known artists around the country. Another one of my favorites this season is Rory Tyer’s Hymns for Christmas. In fact, I think it is this season’s favorite. Drag me to South Dakota to see Crazy Horse if I forget these last two universal gems (aside from the universal-universal gems like Manheim Steamroller). David Crowder Band’s Oh For Joy will surely rejuvenate your meh-it’s-christmas badittiude. Top all these tasty licks off with a little bit of Sufjan and you’ve got your ear candy piled high for the next ten days.

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