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I’m a fan

Design DarlingI really like this Design Darling boutique. Simple and sweet. Check it out and you may find some classy objects as well as failproof gifts. You dig?

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craft fair recap

Austin Craft Riot was this weekend! I learned a lot and had a great time. The most exciting, and totally unexpected part was when I had a few people tell me that they follow Chipper Things and knew I would be there. I’m still riding on those smiles. It was pretty exhausted afterward, but I couldn’t have been more grateful for how smooth things ran. Meant to take a power nap that night, but it turned into a 12 hour slumber. The following night I had to get a round of drawings due to my editor, so I only got four hours of sleep. Needless to say, it was a busy weekend.

I know I keep raving about Jennie Claire jewelry (you would have been really bombarded if you follow my Instagram). The more I learn about her process, the more my admiration grows. I also learned that her heart is actually the same size as the Burj Khalifa. What a wonderful friend and boothmate to spend the day with.

My other pick from the weekend is Old Factory Soaps. I am a bar soap kind of lady, but I’ve never been this excited about it. Please do youself a favor and order some from their site. Current technology doesn’t allow me to blog smells (OR ACCENTS!!!!), but I assure you that you wouldn’t want your $10 to go anywhere else. They currently sell retail in Logan Square in Chicago, but they’re going to start up in Austin soon (as they now live here). Can’t wait to get more when my Mint / Lucid Dream runs out.

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Ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-check out Jennie Claire Jewelry

I was so excited when Jen, of Jennie Claire, invited me to share a booth with her this weekend. I met her in March and I admired her work as soon as I saw it. Custom built and timeless. She is an ethical consumer and carefully curates the vintage pieces she uses for her collection. Old times infused with looks of today, these are some boss jewels. If you like what you see, consider supporting the lovely Austin artist. Better yet, support her AND meet her. Austin Craft Riot. Tomorrow. Palmer Events Center. 11-7.

Some Etsy goodies

1. Crochet lace mason jar hangers by Spindle Shuttle Needle
2. Owl nail transfers by Kate Broughton
3 .Wanderlust card set by Satchel & Sage

Smoking Buffalo

Smoking Buffalo is on Etsy! My dear friend and coworker, Lesli, has started a vintage shop that is full of “Nuh uh!” and “Awwwwesome” stuff. Rabbit fur coat! vintage fan! Oil lamp! Antique Bible! Roulette ashtray! Magna dominos! And more! Check her shop often. She frequently raids estate sales for collectables so we don’t have to. Seriously. She is building a shelf for her growing inventory this weekend. Lesli means business.

TxSC sponsors: THANK YOU!

This thank you is long overdue. I am so grateful for the wonderful sponsors at the Texas Style Council I attended a couple weeks ago.  I was pleasantly surprised with the generosity on all ends. Indiana did an amazing job organizing the event; it felt relational instead of competitive. There were far more sponsors than what is shown, but I present you with some of my favorite goodies from the weekend. Since I’m not a fashion blogger, I especially appreciate their benevolence. (If I post pictures of myself, they usually turn out like this.)

1. Obey jeans from Lulu’s. These are by far the most comfortable pants I have ever worn.  It’s like I asked for a bite and they gave me an Omaha steak. More realistically, it’s like I asked for a ride and they gave me a car. I don’t eat steak.

2. Successful swap party hosted by Swap. Everyone brought two garmets and got two in return. I snagged a couple of cool dresses. I hope my old lady country club wool cardigan went to someone who likes to kick it with 30 Rock as much as I do.

3. InPink jewelry. Got the fancy Cleopatra necklace. I haven’t felt so Cleo-diva since I got my hair ombred and I was covered in tin foil.

4. KIND GRANOLA BARS!!!! I like to reserve multiple exclamation marks for dire times. I already knew about Kind because of their snappy packaging. Delicious and nutritious.  I’m fairly certain that if I-35 from Austin to Waco was paved with them, I would have eaten my way home without a problem. And still beat the lousy SXSW traffic.

5. Almost forgot! Bonlook had some rad glasses / sunglasses. I won a pair of shades but my off-kilter tweeting habits left me clueless. It’s okay though. I can still get on board with a polished brand owned by women who know their Italian eyewear.

There you have it. These are my endorsements for the month of March or however long it takes me to endorse something else. Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! I’ll be running my half marathon in Dallas, so please please don’t ask me to do a ropes course with you in the next couple of days.

Things (AKA: why my shopping trip should matter to you)

I am a newbie! Give me a break if my mood board is wack. Personal endorsements from treat yo self day 2012:

1. Loft carries jeans for petites. I have a pair exaclty likes these, but at Christmas time my little sister asked me what color they were. They were so faded she didn’t know if they were ugly black, or charcoal gray. It was time for an update.

2. A darling store filled with the most wonderful paper goods in all of Des Moines (Ephemera) had these candles that they called, “the Boyfriend Candle”. I couldn’t bring it back on my flight so I waited and bought one in Waco. It listens to me and smells nice.

3. AG curl activator. Got it at Beauty Brands. This is the best curl stuff I’ve ever used. I’ve tried it all. (Note to reader: I have not tried it all). Non-crispy. Smooth curls. I give it two winks and an involved secret handshake.

4. Combat boots are trendy; therefore I got them.

5. Pepper Spray! Just because! It’s something I’ve been saying I’d get, and $6 later, I finally went through with it.

“I wanted a doodle bear and all I got was this lousy doormat”

three gift ideas

1. Zombie Bookmarks, My Bookmark. $25
2. “Oh no! Not you again!” doormat. Uncommon Goods. $30
3. Baked potato bean bag chair. Brookish7. $300.

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