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Books: best enjoyed when available

As I was reading Wit and Delight  a few weeks ago, I stumbled across a post about a friend of hers looking to bring some books to the kiddos in Costa Rica. We come across these sorts of charities all the time, but this one stuck with me. Even in America, nearly two-thirds of low-income families don’t own any books. (via RIF) It’s hard enough to get some children to want to read, but not to be able to because you just don’t have any?

Here’s the deal: Hailee is going to Costa Rica in April and she wants to bring 100 books with her. If you choose to participate, you can buy Spanish books from anywhere, but I recommend the easiest route: Amazon. Ages 4-8 & 9-12 are more than welcome. Even just one book is moving forward instead of staying idle.

Ship to:
Hailee Rustad
11665 Surfbird Circle
Jacksonville, FL 32256

All books must be delivered by March 30th. If you choose to buy, I would suggest commenting on her blog post so she knows what to expect.

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Support BEATENTRACK Studios

Local band, Georgette, recording inside the studio.

BEATENTRACK is Austin’s first mobile recording studio. It will significantly reduce the cost of producing an album for local artists. Griffin and Matt have already invested a lot before even starting their Kickstarter campaign. They still need $25,000 for equipment (computer, truck, recording software, etc.)

Not only do I support these guys because they are my friends, but I really believe in this innovative process. I feel compelled to give something back to the music world that has been so generous to me despite my greed. It is imperative to support our artistic community. If I don’t know how to creatively contribute, I want to empower those who do. Click here to support BEATENTRACK on Kickstarter. We will all reap the benefits.

You can read more about it on Griffin’s interview with Owl Mag.

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