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H yes! Cross Dressing testimonial

My friend Jordan is doing some work for the upcoming film, Believe Me. As a marketing ploy, they’ve launch the clothing line (it’s very real and you can order today) called Cross Dressing. The tees are quite funny and punny. I highly recommend checking them out.

I also recommend that you watch this video because it is hilarious. Even though I am in the video, I can say that because from this tiny experience I learned what a great director can do. Jorby was just that. We were just a few dorkos taking orders. What a fun project! Also starring Bekah and Jackie.

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The best 3 minutes on YouTube

I still love this.

Knee-Slappin Friday pt. 5: The Rural Juror

Just doesn’t get old. One of my favorite scenes from 30 Rock.

(on my bucket list to memorize). What are your favorite TV moments?

Cyclone Nice

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

Any Netflix recommendations?

I listen to a lot of music during the week when I’m drawing. When it comes time to edit the illustrations, I can hang out with TV and Photoshop. These clips are from That Mitchell and Webb Look, a British sketch comedy that I have been watching non-stop recently. That’s why I say, “That’s Numberwang!” when you say a number of any sort. It’s from 2006 [that’s numberwang], so I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re already over this. Check it out on Netflix if you haven’t already.

Do you have any commendations? Anything and everything (on instant queue) is welcome. The options are  so overwhelming that I just prefer to be told what to see. Documentaries, indie films, foreign tv shows, cult classics, new stuff, whatever. Let me know. Thanks for your help!


Ray Charles — America the Beautiful

I think this song makes me feel the most patriotic of all. It also reminds me of the Sandlot. I won’t complain about either.

happy friday / watch video / laugh /

Still no computer charger. This brings me to do scrappy posts. Watch this Liam Neeson clip on Life’s Too Short. It will probably be the funniest thing you see today. Funnier than animals talking, but less funny than NOTHING.

image via Motherbird

Water ink video

My friend Harrison showed me this a couple days ago. I think it’s two minutes well spent.

“Oh my Gosh I’m gonna have the son of God…but I can’t. I’m not married and stuff.”

Please watch this adorable video. Then email it to your grandma and wife and crush and design crush and tattoo artist and husband and work email. You just may view it over and over and over and over and over again like I did. Merry Christmas.

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