Q: Why do you have this Etsy wood business? Why the drawings? Why the tab about shortness? Why am I reading this right now? — you

A: The blog contains a handful of the things I love. I get to archive my drawings, write, think, react, pretend like I don’t care about what strangers think of me and then bombard my followers with updates. I am working on a personal project called, “I’d Rather be Short” and I can’t think of a better place to post it.

Basically, I have too much to contain to myself.

Q: What is your secret to the best smoothies on this side of I-35?! — Latisha W.

A: Lucky for you, I am teetering on the edge of 35! That means my secret isn’t exclusive to either side of the interstate! Tip: use less ice and more frozen fruit. Don’t be shy with the cocoa powder. Throw in a banana. Heck, go gangbusters and make it rain with walnuts! Don’t use water. And don’t use meat.

Q: What theme did you use for this blog? — Margaret Thatcher

A: Sandbox (WordPress). If I was the type of young lady to overuse hyperbole to answer a simple question, I would say that figuring out this CSS made me want to gauge my eyes out with this very Bamboo stylus I am working with right now. Just kidding (kind of). It wasn’t that bad (kind of). Lastly, I know know what you are thinking; the answer is no, WordPress is not paying me to be mention them in this blog.

Q: Do you understand why it is so trendy for rich girls to wear oversized faded t-shirts?
Guy Rodgers Richardson McDavis

A: No, I really haven’t a clue. I too have noticed this trend and I think it’s great. While 90’s television is taunting us to wear midriff-exposing tees, this garment says, “MODEST IS HOTTEST AND YOU SHALL GAZE NO MORE.” Women of the world unite!