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On showing your work


When I start to overthink sharing sketches, I remember Austin Kleon’s words: show your work. 

So here it is. A naked sketchbook page. I was about to upload this post with a 30% prettier version, but realized that was kind of lame. It’s like the college girl who does her makeup, straightens her hair and chooses hoop earrings, only to put on Pink sweats, Uggs and a messy bun. Are you dressed up or are you not? It’s non-committal and it’s confusing.

That’s why I’d rather eat raw broccoli than look at some of my previous drawings. At least broccoli knows what it’s about.

Now I’m getting dramatic.

I think first drafts are good and worth sharing. If we let our guards down a tiny bit, we will see that the greats weren’t so great and the journey to the the final is a product of its own. We produce more if we don’t have to save it for perfection.

Let’s show our work.

Our process.

This is a safe place.

Either way it’s not a big deal, so just do whatever.

*Words from Common Prayer

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