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Ideal project


I’ve been doing some fun logos lately, most of which involve hand lettering. Will be posting more projects as I wrap them up.

This is for my friend Lauren. She’s always up to something! I’ll share the bigger scope when it’s ready.

I’d like to do more work like this, so if you know anyone who’s got a hankering for some watercolor/lettering/etc., please connect us!

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Merry Christmas, pardner.

It is too easy for me to put a veneer over Christmas. GIFTS! FAMILY! PRESENTS! FOOD! SHOPPING! VOLUNTEERING! POTLUCKS! FANCY PARTIES! [and a little jesus]. Altruism, family and generosity are all worth writing home about, but (yes you see where this is going:) Christmas is so much richer than that. I am grateful that Jesus had skin like mine and that God gave us his son to speak my broken human language. Let’s stop hoarding the joy and start celebrating this baby that changed the world. (I dare you to disagree with that sentence.)

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